Untapped the potential of your sustainable actions

Viridis passport will enable you to stand out and increase your branding based on the proven impact with data from your supply chain, recorded on the blockchain.

Reliable, customizable & scalable solution‚Äč

Our technology will establish trust and strategically communicate content in a secure way to drive brand value. We certificate those companies committed to achieving sustainable processes to meaningfully differentiate from competitors.

Build trust

Use our technology to enable transparency in the supply chain and unlock this information to boost
brand value

Better business decisions

The passport will provide data about the consumer behavior thus offers the potential to improve strategies

Cost optimization

It will standardize and reduce the audits, while supporting the adaptation of the regulations if necessary

Transparency & Privacy

The data within the blockchain is recorded in public transactions thus, immutable and impossible to manipulate. Allowing the full ownership of the data to the users, as well as, the management of their visibility.

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