How to have a sustainable company

How to become a sustainable company

Begin with a comprehensive review of their carbon footprint.

There are many ways that institutions and companies can take action to boost their green credentials. But it isn’t just about “going green”. Sustainability involves environmental, social, and economic policies. Essentially, what it boils down to is a transformation of an organization into one that supports the environment and society more broadly.

Migrate to cloud services with Fintech partners

Legacy technology, in particular, tends to require large amounts of energy to run, as well as on-site infrastructure to host and which needs regular maintenance.

Promote sustainability to customers

Show that it is part of your cultutre. What better way for an organization to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by showing how its services improve society and the environment? For instance, a personal finance management banking service can help customers identify unsustainable spending practices. Better yet if it is cloud-provisioned and designed to maximize sustainability.

Sustainability will allow the organizations to optimise their costs and decrease their environmental impact.

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Understand the carbon footprint

Organizations can begin with a comprehensive review of their carbon footprint, including energy use, supply chain, and workforce movement and transport, such as international flights and office commutes.

At the Bank Governance Leadership Network (BGLN) meetings held on February 26th in London, and on 4 March in New York, participants met and discussed the ways incumbent banks are approaching climate risk and sustainability more broadly. The conversation coalesced around four main topics:

  1. Responding to evolving climate risks
  2. Grappling with response challenges 
  3. Exploring opportunities in green finance
  4. Articulating and operationalizing sustainability approaches

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